Apply now: vExpert 2020 mid-year applications are now open

This year has been strange to say the least, in my head it still feels like March however with the announcements that the mid-year vExpert applications are now open it must be June already.

What is a vExpert?

It is important to remember this isn’t a certification that you can earn, and it’s awarded to individuals who contribute to the VMware community by giving something back. There are several ways to contribute, including speaking at a local VMUG or user group, creating video content on YouTube, running a blogging site (like me), writing books, sharing knowledge on community forums and probably more that I’ve missed. It’s also important to mention that it’s not just for technical people, I know who few vExpert’s who don’t have technical roles but are great assets to the community, so don’t let that put you off either.

What are the Paths?

There are three paths into the program, and you need to pick the best one for your application.

  • Evangelist path: this will be for authors, bloggers, community speakers, VMTN contributors or anyone who evangelises VMware products and services.
  • Customer Path: you may be an internal champion in your organisation and be passionately sharing all things VMware, and maybe providing customer success stories or getting up on the stage at VMworld and sharing your experiences.
  • VMware Partner Path: if you are an employee of a VMware partner, this could be the path for you if you are running events, public speaking engagement and other partner led activity.

Who can help me?

I struggled with my first application and unsuccessful the first time applying in 2017. I find it really difficult to talk about myself and things I’ve done, I guess it’s part of being an introvert. The mistake I made was not to ask for help or advice, and I’m sure this is where I fell short the first time. After some great feedback from other vExperts my second application was successful, and I was invited into the program in 2018. For those in a similar situation to me there are vExpert PRO’s in each region that can help you, have a look in the vExpert Pro Directory

Key Dates

It’s important to get your application submitted before the 25th June 2020 otherwise you’ll need to apply later in the year. To find out if you’ve been accepted check in for the results on the 17th July 2020.

Is it worth it?

Quite simply yes. It’s worked wonders for my career and allowed me to interact and network with others throughout the community. Of course, there are some great benefits (and freebies) of being a vExpert but the program is one of the best in the industry and there are several thousand like minded individuals that you can connect with across the world.

How to apply

Don’t wait, head over to and submit your application.

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